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AC load cabinet

AC load cabinet

Product features:

1. Adopting forced air cooling, with good heat dissipation performance and relatively small volume;

2. Under continuous working conditions, it has high reliability and small temperature drift;

3. Reasonable internal structure layout, easy and practical operation;

4. According to customer needs, fixed resistance and adjustable resistance types can be designed and manufactured;

5. Adopting a directional wheel foot (with brake type) structure for easy movement and positioning.

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Product details
Product application:

Mainly used in generators, power testing, circuit loads, frequency converters, lifting, braking, elevator frequency conversion, servo speed regulating motors, testing equipment, power, overweight, petroleum metallurgy, power supply CNC machine tools, ships and other pseudo simulated load testing. Energy feedback type energy-saving electronic loads, including switch mode power supplies, UPS, and generator aging/testing; Solar and wind power generation equipment; Power aging test load box; Generator set test load; Power transformer start-up load; Military load cabinet; Ship battery series discharge resistor load; Energy saving battery charging and discharging equipment for battery production/testing, industrial automation and other electromechanical equipment.

Appearance and dimensions:Customized according to customer requirements

Electrical specifications:

Project Items Standard value
Power Range 100Kvar -2000Kvar
Voltage range 0.5-1KV
Power Factor Range 0.1-1 segmented adjustable
Dielectric Strength AC2.5KV/1min 50Hz
IP Class IP20-IP23 (optional)
Rated Temperature Rise 375 ℃
Air Flow 7000m3/h
Vibration f: 5-200HZ a=0.5g  X. 2H each for Y

Structural features:

1. The internal resistance of a resistance box is composed of a series of wound resistors, a series of sheet resistors, or other types of high-power resistors in series or parallel; 2. The resistance box adopts a steel structure with good impact resistance. The surface is coated with professional scratch resistant powder and subjected to high-temperature treatment to form a smooth, insulating, and aesthetically pleasing protective layer. The surface color of the cabinet can be diversified;

3. A rain and dust cover can be made at the top as needed, and the side can be fully sealed or with a small heat dissipation hole structure, providing a fan with good heat dissipation performance and temperature monitoring protection facilities. Indoor and outdoor installation methods can be designed according to needs;

4. Electronic digital voltmeter, ammeter, power meter, frequency meter, etc. can be installed on the resistance control board according to customer requirements;

5. Portable resistance cabinets and multi-directional pulley push type resistance cabinets can be designed according to the power size, which are convenient for movement and positioning;

6. Hanging installation can be made according to customer requirements;

7. The control panel is led out through wiring terminals, and high currents are led out through copper bars.

Application environment:

1. Installation site: Indoor, with an altitude of ≤ 3000m, free of dust, corrosive gases, direct sunlight, and good ventilation;

2. Applicable environment: -40 ℃ to 55 ℃, 15% to 90%

3. Vibration: < 0.5g-1g.

Model Description: