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Company Introduction

Guangdong Helai Magnesium Electric Co., Ltd

Guangdong Helai Magnesium Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional resistance design, manufacturing, and integration solution provider. Our products mainly include false load testing resistance cabinets, neutral point grounding resistors, variable frequency energy consumption braking resistors, motor speed regulation, starting resistors, capacitor charging and discharging resistors, brake braking resistors, water-cooled resistors, air-cooled resistors, locomotive resistors, wind power generation system crowbar resistors, chopper resistors High power resistors such as wire wound resistors, golden aluminum shell resistors, aluminum shell resistors, and cement resistors.

Our company has put forward the product concept of "innovation and integrity" around the business goals of resistors and peripheral accessories. While focusing on product research and development and product quality, we continuously strive to improve product cost-effectiveness and service quality, striving to embody the business philosophy of "achieving customer value".

Business objectives:A power electronic resistor and accessory solution provider.

Quality policy:Customer centricity, survival through quality, innovation orientation, and development through harmony

Product philosophy:Innovation and integrity.